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PCI is at the forefront of integrating generative artificial intelligence (AI) in our work to effectively support our clients with innovative tools. Generative AI improves our capacity to understand the needs of the audiences who matter most to clients, analyze data to distill meaningful insights and more efficiently generate content ideas. We also have a keen sense of our greater responsibilities – to our clients and on their behalf – to uphold ethics and transparency to make clear how AI tools are used. More than keeping pace with the evolution of technology, at PCI we remain committed to a culture of innovation that starts with people. This balance of cutting-edge technology and human insight, talent and strategy sets PCI apart from other agencies. In this blog post, we share the principles that guide our team’s ethical and effective use of AI. Read on for PCI’s point of view on the applications of generative AI in communications. 

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Generative AI: A Tool, Not a Replacement 

PCI embraces generative AI as a valuable tool in developing ideas and developing draft content for our customization. Why? Because we’ve tested it and see its value in enhancing our efficiency and boosting creativity. We know tools are only as good as the users who wield them. Our talented team members and their brainpower and strategic thinking remain our greatest assets. We view AI as a tool to augment our work, not as a replacement for human experience and expertise. 


Navigating the Complexities of AI with Responsibility 

AI usage in public relations has significant implications that demand careful consideration. We’re mindful of the need for guardrails around accuracy and ethics, which is why we adhere to the Public Relations Society of America’s guidelines for the ethical use of generative AI. We’ve also established our own robust guidelines to hold ourselves accountable for the responsible use of AI-generated content. We use it as a starting point that we refine and improve upon with thorough review and creative input from our team members, whether they are employees, freelancers or vendors. 

Upholding PCI’s guidelines on the use of generative AI, we will: 

  • Disclose the use of AI tools in content creation, including specifics of the tools employed. This promotes transparency and accountability in our work. 
  • Validate the accuracy of information provided by AI, ensuring compliance with copyright and privacy laws, and prohibiting the misuse of AI for unethical purposes such as deepfakes or misinformation. 
  • Safeguard client confidentiality, which is paramount. We prohibit using generative AI tools for drafting sensitive or confidential material. 
  • Identify and remove potential biases in AI output, ensuring our work reflects diverse perspectives and experiences. This vigilance extends beyond AI use to encompass our broader commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


These quality standards guide our ongoing application of generative AI. Because generative AI, our use of it, and client expectations and needs will continue to evolve rapidly, we will continue to evaluate our progress. Our practices must keep pace to ensure that our use of generative AI systems – such as OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT) and Perplexity – adheres to the highest standards. 

PCI combines the best of technology with the unmatched value of human creativity and strategic thinking. No matter how technologies evolve, this is our cornerstone: We measure our agency decisions and actions against our commitment to purpose-driven work that benefits our clients and the communities upon which their success depends. 

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