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We are a team of public relations professionals who believe in the transformative power of communication – the ability of the right word or image to convince, to motivate, to make a change.

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We are a communication and marketing agency with a purpose – to make a positive difference for our clients, our community and the world.

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We are independent, woman owned, and recognized by clients and peers as a communications leader in numerous fields.

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We work in all aspects of healthcare: with hospitals and medical schools, professional associations of physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals; pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, providers of services and products, patient support groups and advocates, payers and credentialers.

This 360-degree perspective means that whatever area of healthcare our clients represent, we probably have experience with it. And it means we understand how all the pieces fit together, and how to pull them apart to develop specific strategies to help our clients achieve their individual goals, and to craft the right message for the right audience.

In any given year, PCI’s roster of clients includes at least 35 associations, representing doctors, lawyers, home inspectors, real estate agents, zoos and aquariums, IT professionals and others.

Associations appeal to a variety of stakeholders and speak to disparate audiences. Our clients’ communications goals and challenges are as diverse as the professions they represent, and require thoughtful, strategic tailored solutions. 

We provide these solutions in a variety of ways – through long-term integrated communications campaigns or by jumping in to plan and implement a project or manage a crisis that might take weeks or months, or even just hours or days. 

We understand nonprofits because we work with them every day. Our nonprofit organization clients cut across all areas of concentration and collectively represent more than half of our business.

We understand how to navigate board-staff relationships, launch capital campaigns, build government and community relationships, maximize budgets and protect and enhance reputations.

Nonprofit clients turn to PCI because they trust us to go the extra mile to deliver results. Our senior consultancy model ensures experienced strategists and counselors actively manage programs to ensure their success.

PCI has extensive experience working with municipalities, park districts, schools, libraries and volunteer advocacy groups to help them develop a strategy for communicating a clear and compelling message to their audiences. They are messages that must do more than raise awareness and understanding. They need to motivate audiences to action that leads to a positive result. That means engaging them and encouraging them to care.  

We know what’s involved in working with government and publicly funded entities: budget constraints, elected boards, disclosure requirements and open meetings laws, election cycles and grassroots volunteers and activists.    

We have helped countless museums and entertainment venues make their case. We’ve successfully opened a number of iconic cultural organizations, national institutions, attractions, exhibits and outdoor experiences for museums, water parks, architecture centers, cruise lines and others. We partner with our clients to develop integrated campaigns that build buzz long before the doors open, deliver attendance to the event and sustain momentum long after the ribbon is cut.  

We have years of experience helping navigate every imaginable institutional issue — from stolen artifacts to shrinking budgets — working with the organization’s leadership, boards and top donors, providing ongoing counsel and being there with 24/7 support when an issue arises.

PCI’s clients include land conservancies, natural history museums, parks and nature preserves, animal sanctuaries, zoos and aquariums and their associations. We work with local, regional, national and international organizations and with NGOs, private foundations and nonprofits, and advocacy organizations. The impact we see from the work we do with them is concrete and measurable: increased attendance, public awareness and involvement, financial support and legal and regulatory action.  

In our conservation work, we start with a respect for the environment and concern for its future, and a desire to participate in the essential and gratifying work our clients do. We know it takes more than that to help our clients succeed. It takes strategic thinking, creativity, diplomacy, negotiation skills and hard work to cut through the clutter and misinformation with messages that resonate, engage, convince and motivate. 



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We view our proposed work as a partnership and we hope you do as well. As with
any partnership, having clear expectations of one another will help ensure
success. We would like to make clear what you can expect from PCI, and what we
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