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We are a team of public relations professionals who believe in the transformative power of communication – the ability of the right word or image to convince, to motivate, to make a change.

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We are a communication and marketing agency with a purpose – to make a positive difference for our clients, our community and the world.

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We are independent, woman owned, and recognized by clients and peers as a communications leader in numerous fields.

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Community Engagement Mobilization

PCI’s senior counselors have extensive experience working with organizations – government entities, advocacy groups, membership organizations, activists and corporations – that seek to engage and mobilize audiences around a cause or effort.

Our hallmark is our ability to dive deeply into an issue so that we see it from all perspectives and through the eyes of all observers and stakeholders. Our communications counsel focuses on negotiation, diffusing volatile situations and presenting the human face of a situation backed up by facts and data.

Crisis Communications And Issues Management

Our senior counselors work with clients to evaluate and monitor a crisis situation and provide 24/7 counsel and support.

We give an honest – sometimes brutally honest – outsider’s assessment and recommendations. We work with our clients’ leadership and designated spokespersons to speak confidently, honestly and proactively through the most effective channels to reach the people who need to hear the messages. And, we do it quickly. The lightning speed with which information moves through social media, digital channels and the 24-hour news cycle is a double-edged sword. It can wrest a story away from an organization is there’s a delay, but it also provides the opportunity to immediately update or correct information and address audiences in real time.

Digital Strategy And Execution

Our nationally respected digital strategists keep up with fast-changing industry trends to help clients determine actionable strategies that yield measurable results.

We work with clients to map out goals and objectives, target audiences, media channels, topics and types of digital content that will engage their audiences. Our team creates the content, and can develop sophisticated paid digital and mobile strategies to ensure our clients’ messages and stories are reaching and engaging their intended audiences.


Organizations of all types can be targets of cybersecurity incidents. We work closely with attorneys and IT forensics firms to help organizations prepare for, defend against and recover from data breaches and create communications action plans.

Integrated Marketing And Communications

Whether our clients are raising awareness or addressing an issue, we develop and implement creative campaigns designed to meet key objectives.

We create the strategy, segment key audiences, develop the materials and assets, then activate the campaign across a variety of channels in a unified approach to help simplify the process and get results.

Media Relations

We know what media wants and provide them with the materials, spokespersons, and compelling images that generate meaningful coverage from national and local outlets.

We have more than 20 media specialists in daily contact with reporters, producers, bloggers, and influencers.

On The Ground And Virtual Event Support 1

The world of events and meetings has changed drastically and companies and organizations had to pivot — and fast.

Our team of 40 counselors, media specialists, writers and event planning professionals are available to help do whatever it takes to pull off a successful press conference, annual meeting, grand opening, gala or special event, from planning and logistics to on-the-ground support, and as well as virtual assistance.

Public Policy

Civic and government relations is perhaps the most complex, nuanced and fraught of communications, often dealing with dilemmas and decisions that either unite or divide communities and, if mishandled, can gobble up time and resources, and result in no one being happy.

We work closely with clients to help achieve the objectives that are important to their organizations. Whether helping to develop ballot initiatives, conveying the importance of referendum to publics or helping to pass an ordinance, we use a combination of communications techniques to advance the goals. It all comes down to understanding key audiences and communicating with them in a way that welcomes their point of view and acknowledges all who share a community and a desire to make it the best place it can be. These fellow citizens can be allies and ambassadors.

Reputation Management And Awareness

We work with clients to develop a strategy, hone messages, brighten their brand and deliver their story to desired audiences in a way that resonates with them and benefits the organization.

We do it for associations, corporations, nonprofit institutions and individuals, taking the time to get to know the story, believe in it and identify the most effective channels and the most important audiences. We’ve helped rebrand zoos, museums and schools; showcased the extensive volunteer work and financial support of major companies and corporate foundations, and helped new CEOs define their brand and demonstrate their ideas and contributions.

Spokesperson Training

PCI’s spokesperson training program prepares speakers to connect with their audiences, whether from the stage of an auditorium, a television studio, or the pages of a newspaper.

We’ve trained countless professionals in fields ranging from medicine to music, and everything in between. Most of our trainers are former print and broadcast journalists, so we provide real-world counsel. We learn our clients’ business so we can help formulate and deliver key messages, not generic content. And while we prepare for the worst – the hostile audiences and gotcha questions – we focus on building confidence in a fun and supportive environment.

Strategic Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there?

We help organizations of every shape and size plan the future they want and develop a roadmap to get there. Our approach engages stakeholders throughout the process, from initial surveys to facilitating group sessions, to ensure the finished plan offers an actionable, pragmatic path to the goals.

Visual Communications And Design

We use design to tell your story.

Our creative design team develops striking content from infographics to websites, annual reports and marketing collateral. Our work has included animation, video, visual problem solving and photography — all to help shape and share stories through a variety of visual content and channels.

We view our proposed work as a partnership and we hope you do as well. As with any partnership, having clear expectations of one another will help ensure success. We would like to make clear what you can expect from PCI, and what we ask of you.
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