Top PR Trends for 2020

January 14, 2020



Public Relations


As PR continues to evolve in 2020, organizations can set themselves apart by implementing public relations strategies for today’s world.

We’re taking a look at the public relations trends that will shape the industry in this year. From storytelling to digital strategy and beyond, organizations can reach their audiences in new and exciting ways and stand out from the pack in a crowded technological arena. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top trends for the new year.

Get Personal

Personal stories will continue to make an impact in the new year. Sharing your stories and experiences forges a bond with the public, enhances your organization’s identity in a more personal way, and creates an honest, transparent and relatable persona. An important part of the human experience is creating real, authentic connections, and organizations who keep this in mind will go far this year.

Stand for a Cause

In today’s climate, people are more alert to issues that impact them and the world, and interested in investing in organizations that support these issues. Getting behind a cause that impacts your organization’s purpose and audience demonstrates shared values and gives you an opportunity to show your relevance and understanding of the world today.

Video and Visuals

In a world dominated by technology and a crowded marketplace, visual storytelling is the way to get attention. Sharing live videos and giving people a sneak peek into your office culture on your website and social platforms is a great way to show the faces behind your organization and create authenticity.

Additionally, strong, dominant visuals are a powerful way to quickly send a message. As people scroll down their news feed, a visual campaign with limited text and eye-catching graphics will stick in their minds.

Reaching Influencers

Having built loyalty through trust and authenticity, influencers look for organizations that are willing to do the same. Influencer marketing is increasingly important and organizations will be more willing to invest in time and resources to connect with influencers and reach their target audiences. Engaging influencers who already reflect your values can enhance the messaging and credibility of your organization.


Integrating storytelling and running a common thread through an entire PR and marketing strategy can ensure consistency in messaging and weave a purpose-driven narrative.  By focusing on the three key drivers of alignment, personal values and visuals, organizations can ensure that their story is told in an honest and effective way.

Building Your Digital Channels

Digital media allows organizations to own their story and connect directly with audiences to share it. Developing relevant and interesting content for your social channels helps you to create your own story and align it with your purpose. Put together a digital strategy at the start of the year, and let that guide your digital channels.

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