Respect and Relationships Anchor Worldcom Group Strength, Endurance

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Jill Allread, APR


The art of public relations is rooted in building meaningful relationships, which also is the spark that initiated the now global strength of Worldcom Public Relations Group.

More than 30 years ago, Public Communications Inc. (PCI) founder, James Strenski, joined other independent PR agency owners in Canada and around the U.S. to collaborate and develop what today is Worldcom, a united collaboration that would reach globally; bring local expertise; and give nimble, creative independents the muscle to serve global clients with unmatched talent, resources and energy.

During Worldcom’s evolution, PCI has had the privilege to work with our international partners in Europe, Japan, South America and Australia and throughout North America to deliver client programs and successes with global impact. Worldcom values of collaboration, connectivity, and excellence are also deeply ingrained deeply into our business philosophy, providing us with peers near and far for the exchange of ideas and solution-oriented collaboration.

A Global Perspective

As a team that hold high the value of working with a purpose, PCI places an emphasis on seeking a diversity of societal, global and multicultural perspectives both when supporting our clients and within our agency’s operations. Working with our Worldcom partners around the globe helps us to widen our perspectives on multicultural and nuanced issues and allows us to continually grow and learn and share that deeper understanding when counseling our clients. In what is truly a world community, it is a gift to be able to turn to our peers around the globe for advice and support (and someone to lend an ear!).


More recently, as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, agencies faced the challenges not alone, but with support of our Worldcom partners. We’ve used our connectedness to have open exchanges of ideas and provide each other resources and advice. Any challenge is met more easily with the support of colleagues and peers ready to share perspectives and advice.

From specific programs to overarching data trends, the most successful public relations agencies and professionals are able to be nimble in times of crisis, and serve clients while retaining a personal connection. With the support of our Worldcom partners, we are not only stronger as an agency, but we carry that strength to our clients help them meet their needs. We are #WorldcomStrong.

Jill Allread, APR, CEO

Jill Allread leads PCI and provides executive counsels to a wide variety of organizations and individuals to enhance their brands, strategies and reputations.

An agency owner for more than 20 years, Jill also draws upon her experience as a daily newspaper reporter and editor when helping clients more effectively tell their story through strategic communications and planning.

A nationally recognized crisis management counselor in the areas of healthcare, nonprofit, conservation, business and associations, she also advises clients in public affairs strategies, building on her past experience as Director of Public Affairs and Public Relations for Chicago Zoological Society.


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