The Case for Nature: How COVID-19 has Changed the Way We Look at Our Natural World

On Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, let’s recognize and celebrate our need for nature.

Mandated sheltering in place in many communities around the globe not only keeps us from interacting with others, but it has limited many from experiencing and benefiting from nature beyond our windows. The “timeout” from being outdoors and walking through parks and preserves is resulting in a new longing for and renewed appreciation for the comforts nature can bring in both our own lives and the overall human experience.

Our Connection with Nature

The relationship between humanity and our world is an important one. Studies have shown that interacting with nature:

  • Improves our health, happiness and well-being

  • Reduces anger and stress

  • Increases creativity

  • Increases sleep quality

The origin of COVID-19 is expected to be a result of human consumption of wildlife. This brings into focus something researchers, scientists and conservationists have studied for years – we are all connected and are one planet. Our health is directly connected to the health of the living world around us.  However, rapid urbanization and the decline of biodiversity have thrown off the natural rhythm of our planet.

It is easier than ever for us to become disconnected from nature in our busy, over-scheduled lives. With so many distractions, making the choice to swap outdoor time for indoor screen time is increasingly common. As a result, many lost the appreciation and enthusiasm for actively participating in the conservation and protection of green space, water and air quality and wildlife habitats in urbanizing regions. That is, until now with a forced separation and a reminder of what we must protect to ensure a quality of life that we desire now and for future generations.

Let’s be inspired to take actions and prioritize what we can do in our days ahead to care for nature. Let’s extend more kindness, care and love to the world around us.

Happy Earth Day – let’s celebrate the beauty of Planet Earth.


Post by pcipr