Keeping It Positive: Digital Strategies Create Lasting Impact

Implementing an effective digital strategy is key to bond with audiences.

A “now” mentality is the new norm, thanks to digital connections being a part of everyday life. We connect faster and disseminate information to targeted groups more effectively, giving a powerful voice to individuals and organizations.

The recent Confidence Index by the Worldcom Public Relations Group finds that CEOs are increasingly concerned with their brand reputation and their ability to reach influencers, external audiences and employees in a positive and productive way. A sure way to get connected is to keep your messaging positive, even when others try to spin it as a negative.

One example of keeping it positive is when PCI helped a new dolphin sanctuary unveil its massive, open-ocean center for dolphins. The sanctuary’s excitement was challenged by a small group voicing its disapproval of dolphins living in the center, and the group took its protest to social media. The sanctuary was bolstered with an effective strategy that shared insightful stories on social media channels. The stories highlighted the center’s research and dolphin and ocean conservation work, and its positive impact on protecting marine life.

Fact-based, compelling messages were brought to life through a social media strategy playbook that included goals, strategies, content and ideas. Any negative comments were managed with thoughtful responses and messages. A social media training workshop for the center’s team provided best practices and encouraged increased team participation in curating social posts. The strategy built strong staff participation and increased story sharing, social channel followings, and engagement with the public.

Keeping it positive pays off. For example, their channels share a robust story of their educational efforts, dedication to animal care and fun activities available to visitors. The posts are more visually appealing, and more people interact with them in a positive, affirming way.

With a social media strategy in place, keeping audiences focused on positive messaging is beneficial to support and shape the brand story. Having a proactive strategy in place not only shares a positive message, but also combats negative messaging and shares the true story of an organization’s mission directly with the public.

Today, people insist that brands share their values and be honest, transparent and relatable. By reflecting these values in a digital strategy, brands and organization leaders forge bonds with others and send a clear message: We share similar values.

Finding a positive, common ground helps brands build a bridge with the public, encouraging loyalty to the organization and positive interactions.

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