7 Ways to Optimize Your End-Of-Year Giving Strategy

September 1, 2020


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As 2020 comes to a close, nonprofit organizations are refining their year-end giving strategies. COVID-19 has caused many to adapt to virtual formats, and typical fundraising tactics and strategies are continuing to evolve with the current landscape.

At PCI, we work with our clients to take their giving strategies virtual. On October 29th, our digital experts shared top virtual end-of-year giving strategies that you can implement in your own organization in a webinar – click here to watch the presentation.

Optimize your website

Ensure potential donors have a pain-free donation process by reducing loading time, optimizing for mobile and including SEO strategies. By making it easy to find and use your donations page, you will get a higher rate of conversions.

Leverage Facebook Social Good

Adding a donation button to your Facebook and Instagram pages allows your donors to give without ever leaving the platform. For your brand advocates, Facebook Social Good also allows them to fundraise on your behalf using the social media sites.

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Give Donors the Option to Text-to-Give

Text messages have a 98% open rate – significantly higher than other platforms such as email, whose industry standard is 21.09%. Signing up for an SMS platform like MobileCause, PCI’s preferred platform for nonprofits, enables you to rapidly engage audiences, and makes it easy for them to donate and manage payments directly through the platform.

Livestream Your Annual Fundraiser

Though you can’t meet your donors face-to-face this year, livestreamed events have become a key way to bring fundraisers and other events safely to your supporters’ digital devices. And, it’s more immersive than ever – virtual platforms like Streamyard allow you to stream across several social media channels and customize your event.

Engage Through Social Media

Diversify your content strategies by:

  • Crafting a digital toolkit with resources for your audience to easily share with their own channels such as pre-drafted social media posts, email copy and more.

  • Reaching out to influencers to encourage virtual word-of-mouth.

  • Creating a campaign video with compelling messaging on why people should donate to your organization.

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Maximize Email Marketing

Make emails more personal by sending them from a specific person such as a board member and including the recipient’s name in the email. Include multiple calls-to-action throughout and highlight stories of those that your nonprofit supports.

Amplify Through Digital Advertising

Break through the noise of other nonprofits clamoring for year-end gifts by investing in digital advertising. Set up ads with integrated SEO and integrate a donate button on social media platforms.

Pro tip: apply to Google for Nonprofits to become eligible for Google Ad Grants of $10,000 monthly in-kind advertising to help raise awareness for your cause and drive more website views.

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