Reflecting on Pride Month

June 30, 2023




June is LGBTQ Pride month. Pride month demonstrates how LGBTQ Americans have strengthened our country helping create an accepting community, awareness and goodwill. According to the GLADD website, Pride provides “an opportunity for the community to come together, take stock and recognize the advances and setbacks made in the past year. It is also a chance for the community to come together and celebrate in a festive, affirming atmosphere.”

We’re capping off the month by sharing perspectives from our colleagues on how they bring their authentic self to work, how Pride has evolved over the years and how we can all educate ourselves to further support the LGBTQ community.

Julia Headshot

Julia Cremin, Account Executive

How do you bring your whole self to work?
I’m so glad that I’ve always been able to bring my whole self to work at PCI. I’m able to do this in numerous ways, but the most important to me is client work. As a part of the LGBTQ community, it’s important to me to support and lift up others in this community as well. Working with Howard Brown Health has given me opportunities to advocate for LGBTQ health locally and nationally. We’ve generated publicity around mpox vaccination efforts, fundraising events, and more. I’m glad to be able to use my experience to help a broader part of my community.

How has your definition/celebration of Pride changed during your life?
It’s changed a lot! I was very lucky to grow up in an accepting family and with friends who supported me, so as a teenager I kind of viewed Pride as a big celebration. I’d wear rainbows and come downtown to Chicago to celebrate. While this is something I still do now, I recognize the historical and political aspects of Pride a lot more now. Celebrating who you are in a society that doesn’t always accept you is a political statement, and I’m a lot more interested in advocacy and support work around Pride than I was when I was younger.

How can people learn more about LGBTQ issues?
Block Club Chicago has an entire Pride page and newsletter now, which is great for local observances and news. I also try to keep up with LGBTQ creators and organizations on social media – it’s an organic way for me to get involved. Most importantly, though, is connecting with your LGBTQ neighbors and making them feel heard. I’m so glad to have a community at PCI who cares about their LGBTQ neighbors and looks for ways to support them.

Mike Headshot

Michael Queroz, Senior Vice President

How do you bring your whole self to work?

Since joining PCI in 2014, I am happy to say I’ve never felt limited in bringing my whole self to the workplace. Some of my favorite projects have been where I have closely identified with our clients and their priority audiences – I am honored to share my insights as a Hispanic, gay man to help our clients tell their stories even more effectively.

How has your definition/celebration of Pride changed during your life?

I’ve been “out” my entire adulthood and have been blessed not to have faced too much oppression for being who I am. That said, recent rhetoric and attacks on the LGBTQ+ community have been frightening and have motivated me to wave our flag even higher to ensure others in the community feel welcomed and that our challenges are not invisible.

How can people learn more about LGBTQ issues?

I highly encourage everyone to continue to engage in discussions with their LGBTQ+ family and friends; I know we can find even more ways to ensure progress by educating ourselves about the issues facing the community by hearing directly from those we love.

Emma Headshot

Emma Bruno, Digital Marketing Specialist

How do you bring your whole self to work?

I love that we work in an environment where we can be our authentic selves. I am someone who believes that life is too short to always be serious so I am glad I can joke with my co-workers and enjoy our time together-!

How has your definition/celebration of Pride changed during your life?

Throughout my life thus far, I have met many members of the LGBTQ+ community who have shared their stories with me and I have learned so much about what it means to be an ally – before I thought I couldn’t celebrate Pride because I am not a member of the community but now I know that it is a chance to celebrate some of the most wonderful people I know!!

How can people learn more about LGBTQ issues?

By asking questions to members of the community and listening with an open heart and open mind.


Post by Emma Bruno